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Dental health is one of the most important aspects of dog and cat health, but sadly, it’s also one of the most neglected. Just like with humans, this neglect can eventually lead to serious dental problems like gum disease. If left untreated, gum disease can progress and eventually affect a pet’s heart, liver, and kidneys, which can shorten the pet’s lifespan. The good news is that this disease can be prevented.

Eastside Animal Hospital takes a proactive approach to dental care for our patients so that fewer pets are affected by gum disease. Our comprehensive pet dentistry services in Jeffersonville are designed to not only treat oral problems but to prevent them from ever developing. We’ve been practicing in-depth pet dentistry for more than 10 years, so you can be confident that your pet will be in good hands while in our care.

About the Dental Visit

Typically, we first examine a pet’s teeth during the annual wellness exam. If we determine that a more extensive exam or cleaning is necessary, we recommend a separate dental appointment. This visit includes:

  • A careful evaluation of the mouth, including digital X-rays to view below the gum line
  • General anesthesia to keep your pet safe during the dental procedure
  • Thorough ultrasonic cleaning and polishing to remove tartar buildup
  • Prescription of a preventive program to keep your pet’s teeth healthy

After your pet’s dental procedure, we can provide helpful information about at-home dental care, including brushing tips and recommendations for dental chews, toys, etc.

Signs of Gum Disease

Unsure if your dog or cat has gum disease? The best way to determine if your pet has gum disease is with a professional dental exam, but there are several signs you can look for before coming to our hospital, including:

  • Bad breath
  • Gingivitis (red or swollen gums)
  • Receding gums
  • Bleeding gums
  • Loose teeth

If you’ve noticed any of these signs, it’s time to schedule a veterinary dentistry exam at Eastside Animal Hospital in Jeffersonville. Together, we can lower or even eliminate your pet’s risk of gum disease and other oral problems.

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