Schnauzer Comedo Syndrome

Schnauzer Comedo Syndrome is a common skin disorder exclusively of Miniature Schnauzers. The skin lesions usually appear on the dogs’ back and feel like small scabs. They are akin to “black heads” in people. They are caused due to an inherited defect in the hair follicles of the skin.

Diagnosis is typically made based on the breed, the location of the lesions and their appearance. The lesions are usually not painful unless they become infected. Rarely a biopsy is needed for diagnosis.

Treatment for schnauzer comedo syndrome includes antiseborhhea shampoos, antiseptic wipes and/or oral antibiotics if the lesions are infected. Some dogs benefit from daily to every other day cleansing of the area with a topical acne astringent (Stridex® pads or Listerine® antiseptic can work.)

Schnauzer Comedo Syndrome is not curable, but it is manageable. Some dogs will have flare-ups infrequently, while others need constant attention to their skin. This disease should in no way interfere with a happy, healthy dog.